Counseling, Career Development & Alumni Unit


UniKL British Malaysia Institute (BMI) provides trained and experienced counselors should the students need to discuss their personal matters. Counseling can offer ways of coping and turning a problem into an opportunity. Whatever the problem is, talking to a counselor often helps.


3 main services provided;

  1. Counseling services
  2. Alumni
  3. Career Development



There are two (2) types of counseling;

  1. Individual counseling
  2. group counseling


Basically, there are few reasons why people seek for counseling;


* Normal Developmental Life Changes (e.g. transitions to school, new career)
* Relationship Issues
* Existential / Spiritual Concerns (e.g. making meaning out of life circumstances)
* Adjustment to physical and chronic   
* Feelings of Depression / Sadness /              
   Melancholy/Anxiety / Nervousness
* Adjustment to emotional, social, or
   physical trauma
* Coping with racism, sexism, or other
   prejudice and stereotyping
* Stress
* Grief / Bereavement
* Current family conflict
* Problematic personality patterns that interfere with relationships and work


Counseling unit also provide training for student's development to prepare the student to be highly employable graduate, not only by their academic achievement, but also by their attitude as well. Eg, Training for Fasilitator, Basic Helping Skills Training, Teambuilding, Communication, etc.

Counseling unit also provide few interactive inventories to help student explore themselves in attractive way;

There are few types of inventories available;

  1. Ujian Personaliti Sidek
  2. Inventori Personaliti Warna
  3. Inventori Minat Kerjaya
  4. Learning Style & Communication Style Inventori
  5. Inventori Gaya Bercinta




Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Tracer Study


Graduating student need to fill the MOHE Tracer study before graduation day. The purpose of this study is to give feedback on the programme of study, facilities and services that been provided by the university. This study also allows the university to track the Alumni students' career and professional development.


Alumni Chapter


Alumni Chapter is an official club for Alumni. Alumni Chapter for BMI is known as UniBac (UniKL BMI Alumni Club). UniBac will organize social events that help alumni to maintain connections with the university and fellow graduates. Upon student's completion of study, students will register with UniBac. Alumni Unit will keep update alumni members via message, portal and email.



  1. Career development program – collaborate with club or particular associate to held program such as Career Day, Workshop for interview preparation. Arrange for student involvement in invitation career development program held by outsider.
  2. Job vacancy – promote any job vacancies related to the student once receive the information from company. Work closely with UniKL Centre of Industrial Linkage ( Arrange for interview on screening potential candidate to be hired if needed.









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