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  1. Dr Ahmad Sabry Mohamad

Title of Paper: Dielectrophoresis of poly AT and poly GC DNA Nanomanipulation

Conference: IEEE NANO 2012, 12th International Conference on Nanotechnology, Inst. Con. Centre, Birmingham, UK, 2012

  1. Azleena binti Kamarul Bahrain

Title of Paper: The Significance Change of PPG Reflection Index in Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Risk Individuals

Conference: 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Engineering and Technopreneurship Technology Park Malaysia, KL, 2012


  1. Muhammad Rosli bin Abdullah

Title of Paper: Telemedicine System: Wireless Healthcare Units via RF, GSM, Bluetooth and PDA

Conference: 2013 International Conference on Control System, Computing and Engineering, Park royal Penang Resort, 2013