Student Welfare and Accommodation Unit was developed to provide services in loan or scholarship, insurance, student fund, accommodation and other facilities required from time to time.


 Loan or Scholarship Services

The government of Malaysia has consistently stressed on the importance of education as one of the most important sectors of growth for the country. With this in mind, the Education Ministry and other relevant governmental bodies have made available many types of financial packages from banks, financial institutions, state departments, government-linked agencies and local organizations which basically offer scholarships, loans and financial aid to local students. UniKL will do its best in assisting students to obtain financial aids for their studies. Local students may apply for educational loans from financial institutions, state foundations and PTPTN. Eligible Bumiputera students may apply for educational loans from MARA.


 Insurance - Asia Assistance Network

 Student fund

UniKL BMI has established a student fund body which is called as TKS (Tabung Kecemasan Siswa). The main objective of TKS is to help and provide a way for student to get some financial aid from the university when an unexpected circumstances occur. TKS is to assist the student by providing some schemes as follows:

  • An emergency / injury treatment arising from asthmatics and accident which do not violate the student code of conducts.
  • A treatment for illnesses
  • Death - Khairat
  • Inflicted by disaster



 Student Complex Capacity

The Student Complex is catered to accommodate UniKL BMI Students who need a place to stay during the course of their studies.Basic facilities such as bed, mattress, study tables and wardrobe will be provided. Once you have been formally accepted on a course at UniKL BMI, More detailed information will be sent directly to you. There are 1 male and 1 female warden who will be looking into after the well-being of the students at the Complex. We also have 12 of fellows to assist the students in provide a safe, clean and comfortable residential environment that encourage the growth of well balanced students (spiritually, physically, academically). Thus, the vision and mission of UniKL BMI can be realised.

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