Head Of Campus and  Dean

Prof. Dr. Jamel Bin Othman

Chevalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques (France)

Professor, Industrial Automation Section


Doctor of Philosophy in Manufacturing Engineering, Dublin City University
Master in Industrial Technology and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Industry, Universite De Nancy, France


contact: 03-89132800 ext. 1115
email: jamel@unikl.edu.my



Deputy Dean
(Academic & Technology)


Deputy Dean
(Student Development & Campus Lifestyle)

Assoc. Prof. Abu Hasan Bin Darusman


Associate Professor, Industrial Automation Section



Dr. Tuan Salwani Binti Awang@Salleh


Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Section

Master in Technical & Vocational Education, UTM
BSc. in Biochemistry, Universite Des Science Et Technique Du Langue, France

contact: 03-89132800 ext 2429
email: abuhasan@unikl.edu.my


Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics Education), UKM
Master of Education (Mathematics Education), UKM
Bach. of Mathematics, University of Wollongong

contact: 03-89132800
email: tuansalwani@unikl.edu.my










Section Head
(Research & Innovation)

Deputy Dean
(International Industrial & Institutional Partnership)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Engku Ahmad Azrulhisham Bin Engku Mohamed
Associate Professor
Dr. Haji Baharozan Bin Mohid
Senior Lecturer, Electrical and Electronic Section

Doctor of Philosophy (Mechanical Eng. and Materials), UKM
Master of Eng. (Manufacturing Systeml),UKM
Bach of Eng. (Hons) in Electrical, Electronics & System,  UKM

contact: 03-89132800 ext 2422 / 1069
email: engku@unikl.edu.my

Doctor of Philosophy in Design,Manufacture and Engineering Management,University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Scotland
Master of Education (Technical & Vocational),UTM
Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Computer),UPM

contact: 03-89132800 ext 2416
email: baharozan@unikl.edu.my



Section Head
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yasir Bin Md Said
Associate Professor, Mechanical & Manufacturing Section

Doctor of Philosophy (Mechanical & Materials Engineering), UKM
Master of Eng. (Manufacturing System), UKM
University Degree in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Technology,   University of Poitiers

contact: 03-89132800
email: yasir@unikl.edu.my







Section Head
(Industrial Automation)

Section Head
(Mechanical & Manufacturing)

Assoc. Prof. Dr Tengku Mohd Azahar Bin Tuan Dir

Associate Professor


En Azman Bin Ismail


PhD in Computer Science, Universite De La Rochelle, France
Master of Education (Technical & Vocational),  UTM

contact: 03-89132800 ext 2326
email: tgazahar@unikl.edu.my

Master of Engineering Technology (Manufacturing), UniKL
Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Machine Tools Manufactruing), UniKL
Diploma of Engineering Technology (Machine Building & Maintenance)

email: azmanismail@unikl.edu.my


Section Head
(Electical & Electronics)

Section Head
(Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating)

En. Wan Mohamad Khairudin Bin Hj. Wan Abdul Malik

Senior Lecturer


En. Mohd Zaki Mohamed

Senior Specialist

Master of Science in Electrical Power Engineering, UPM
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical),UTM

Diploma in Electrical (Instrumentation) Engineering, ITM

contact: 03-89132800 ext. 2409
email: wanmohdkhairudin@unikl.edu.my


DSFI (Diplome Superior Froid Industrial), France
Profesional Diploma in Air - Conditioning, Lyon, France 


contact: 03-89132800 ext. 1330
email: zakimohamed@unikl.edu.my


Section Head
(Automotive Engineering)

Section Head
(Fabrication & Joining)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Amin Bin Md Nor

Associate Professor


En. Mohd Kamil Hj Md Said

Senior Lecturer

PhD in Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng, Loughborough University, UK

Master of Education (Technical & Vocational), UTM

Bachelor of Technology with Education, UTM


contact: 03-89132800 ext 1608
email: mdamin@unikl.edu.my

Master Engineering Management, UPM
Bachelor in Education Technology with Engineering (Mechanical), UTM

contact: 03-89132800 ext 1604
email: kamil@unikl.edu.my


Section Head
(France Collaboration Program)

Section Head

En. Zirour Mourad




Puan Norhayati Binti Bakri

Senior Lecturer

Master In Mathematics, UKM

Bachelor of State Engineering ( Mathematics), University of Sciences and Technology H.B, Algiers, Algeria

contact: 03-89132800 ext 2434
email: zirour@unikl.edu.my

Master "Informatique, Mathematiques Et Applications" Specialite Recherche "Image Et Calculs", University of La Rochelle, France

Bachelor Science in Biology & Organisme, University of Montpellier II

contact: 03-89132800 ext 1011
email: norhayatibakri@unikl.edu.my





Section Head
(Student Development)


Section Head
(Campus Lifestyle)


Pn. Maziana Zainy

Assistant Manager

Siti Dewi Zatia Zahari


contact: 03-89132800 ext. 1323
email: maziana@unikl.edu.my

Master of Applied Linguistic, UPM


contact: 03-89132800
email: sitidewizatia@unikl.edu.my






Head Of Section
(Management & Services)


Pn. Noor Hayati Mohd Surani



Diploma in Accountancy, Politeknik Ungku Omar

contact: 03-89132800 ext. 1800
email: noorhayati@unikl.edu.my








Section Head
(Academic Services)


Section Head
(Quality Assurance)


Puan Hajjah Farakh Diba Binti Mohammed



Puan Husma Binti Hussin

Senior Specialist, Industrial Automation Section


Bachelor of  Applied Biology (Food Technology), University Of Nancy 1, France


contact: 03-89132800 ext. 1463
email: farakh@unikl.edu.my

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, University of South Australia

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, UTM

contact: 03-89132800 ext. 1712
email: husma@unikl.edu.my