Alumni Unit of UniKL MIAT organised Iftar for their Alumni





Our honourable guest, Prof. Dato' Ir. Er.Dr Dali Isa, the Dean of UniKL MIAT were pictured together with the invited guests during the event.



UniKL MIAT's dean, Prof. Dato' Ir. Er.Dr Dali Isa had a conversation with some Alumni that attended the event




The first Iftar for Alumni UniKL MIAT was successfully held at Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) of UniKL MIAT on 3rd June 2017. This event was the first Iftar which was being organised by Alumni Unit of UniKL MIAT, to strengthen the bond between the alumni and their alma mater. The idea to have this type of event was created by  our beloved Deputy Dean of Student Development and Campus Lifestyle, Dr. Mohd Hafizi Bin Shamsuddin. The main objective of this event is to create the self-belonging feeling among the Alumni to their alma mater. By creating more this homecoming event, it will help to strengthen this feeling.  


The event started at 6.30 PM with the arrival of the alumni and the honourable guest, Prof. Dato' Ir. Er.Dr Dali Isa, the Dean of UniKL MIAT to the MPH. The alumni were greeted by the Dean with  his welcoming speech. It seemed that he was very excited with the participation from Alumni to the event and he hoped that the good relationship between Alumni and MIAT will maintain. "Moreover, Alumni should   contribute something to their alma mater; either by contributing their expertise, knowledge, energy or money to UniKL MIAT." he added. In his speech , he also addressed that the event should be held annually with more participation from the alumni. The event was proceeded with the Magrib's adzhan and recital of doa by Mr. Amir Faiz Husaini to break the fast, and later the alumni and honourable guest enjoyed with a variety of food selections. Afterwards, all the guests performed their Magrib's prayer before they continued their activity with mix around and chatting among themselves. The event ended at 11.00 PM; and those memorable moments have been photographed.

There were 70 from 120 alumni who were already RSVP , have joined this event. Even though it was not a huge number compared to the number that MIAT have been produced, but it still can be counted as an achievement for the first event. .  Alumni were came from the different batches, included the batch from the Malaysian-Northrop Rice Institute (MNRI).; This is good for building up the new network and they know each other from the different batches. "This is a good effort from UniKL MIAT in order to maintain the relationship between Alumni and MIAT. Besides, it will bring back all the memories to the Alumni when they cameback here." said Afis; whom are now an Aircraft Licensed Engineer in Qatar Airways.

Since the event had  the recommendation to organise it annually from our dean, Prof. Dato' Ir. Er. Dr. Dali Isa, Alumni Unit will work earlier for the promotion and preparation for the next Iftar. In order to make this event more cheerful and succeed, more participation of Alumni is required. The involvement of our Alumni is not only for  this kind of event; if possible, every event that will be organised by the Alumni Unit of UniKL MIAT needs your support.