What is Erasmus+?
  • The EU's programme to support education, training youth and sport and it runs seven years from 2014 to 2020.
  • Funding for programmes, projects and scholarships
  • Fosters EU-EU and EU-international cooperation


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ERASMUS+ InMotion Project


Please click the link 
http://www.inmotion-project.net/index.php/en/ for more information




  1. Please fill in the Learning Agreement choosing among the programs offered at the Politecnico di Torino. https://didattica.polito.it/pls/portal30/gap.a_mds.init_new?p_a_acc=2016
    Master students can choose courses from study plans of 1st and 2nd level (cycle) with the exception of courses from 1st year of 1st level.
    Please make sure you pick courses held in the semester you are suppouse to be at Politecnico
  2. Students are strongly advise to select at least 20/30 ECTS per semester on the LA. Please be flexible in reconsidering changes to your L.A. at arrival in case some courses are not approved, are cancelled or there are timetable clashes.
  3. If you don't have any English Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL…). It is enough for you to ask you Campus to provide you with a letter where is stated that all the courses and the researches at UniKL are done in English.

Submit the following documents

  1. Erasmus + : Application (Outbound) Form

  2. Erasmus + : Learning Agreement (Outbound) Form



  1. 4 UIO Form_ISEM Application(Outbound)
  2. KA107 learning agreement Doctorate incoming 
  3. LA ECTS Carico Didattivo 16-17




  • In case the students intend to develop only their master thesis at Polito, there might be some difficulties in finding a relevant topic, that's why Polito prefer students who have been in contact with Professors/Departments of interest in advance during the application/selection process. http://www.polito.it/ricerca/dipartimenti/index.php?lang=en)



  • DOCTORATE STUDENTS: they should define their mobility program (Learning Agreement for PhD attached) with the support of their academic advisor, possibly on the basis of existing relations among the institutions (here the academic departments at Polito and their research: http://www.polito.it/ricerca/dipartimenti/index.php?lang=en).


How To Apply UPC ERASMUS+ 


Submit the following documents 

  1. Erasmus + : Application (Outbound) Form

  2. Erasmus + : Learning Agreement (Outbound) Form

  3. Erasmus + : Work Plan Proposal (Outbound) Form 


As for the academic offer, please refer to the link below;


  1. Bachelorhttps://www.upc.edu/learning/courses/Bachelors-degrees   
  2. Master: https://www.upc.edu/learning/courses/masters-degrees  
  3. PhD - Doctoratehttp://doctorat.upc.edu/programmes/research-area-list

(UniKL Selected student, Final Stage of Selection by UPC)

Student ID

  1. 880824085739
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