5 AM: The secret to Sharifah Nuha’s academic success

Sharifah Nuha Mardhiah (middle) was accompanied by her parents, Asiah Yahya (right) and Syed Ali Syed Agil (left) at the UniKL Foundation Appreciation and Certification Presentation Ceremony, held yesterday.

As the sun slowly rises, Sharifah Nuha Mardhiah Syed Ali, 22, is already up and ready to start her day.

With her 5 am routine, she has been able to ace her studies and achieve her goals.

Sharifah Nuha Mardhiah’s dedication to her education is unparalleled. Living in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Sharifah Nuha Mardhiah must wake up at 5 am every morning for her father to drop her off at the public transport station to commute to UniKL Business School (UBIS).

Her day begins with classes and ends at 5 pm.

“I finish my classes at the stroke of 5 pm, and without a moment’s hesitation, embark on a journey to my father’s store in Wangsa Maju.

“There, I lend him a helping hand, and with the remaining hours of the day, I relentlessly delve into my study notes, fervently preparing myself for the challenges that lie ahead.

“For I know that the key to my success lies not only in the lecture halls at most but also in the sweat and toil of my father’s store,” shared Sharifah Nuha Mardhiah, who just graduated from Foundation in Business.

This routine has paid off for Sharifah Nuha Mardhiah as she was recognised as one of the best student recipients at the UniKL Foundation Appreciation and Certification Presentation Ceremony, held yesterday.

Also received the same award were Djusuev Iskender and Hanaan Mohd Aizam who graduated with Foundation in Science and Technology and Foundation in Creative Art and Design, respectively.

The ceremony celebrated the completion of studies for 69 students from various foundation programmes, including Foundation in Business, Foundation in Science and Technology, Foundation in Creative Art and Design, Foundation in Computer Technology, and Foundation in Science.

But Sharifah Nuha Madhiah’s journey does not end there. She is now preparing for the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) scholarship interview to further her studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand where she will pursue a Bachelor of Accounting.

For the record, a total of 497 students completed their UniKL foundation last August, which makes a total of 566 students for the year 2022.


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