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…a new model of rural development with comprehensive and inclusive approaches is vital to achieve more innovation and modernising the rural economy.

The key to rural economic development is to ensure sustainable economic growth that can support the rural population. In this respect, a new model of rural development programme that is more comprehensive and inclusive is vital to enhance the innovation and modernisation of the rural economy.

The current focus by the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development with its new theme `Urbanize the Rural’ is indeed very timely. The initiative seeks ways to ensure that the rural economy continues to flourish by promoting creative new businesses and entrepreneurship ventures. This is one of the nine focuses under the newly developed Rural Development Policy 2020-2050 (RDPTN50) which includes economy, human capital, youth, health, infrastructure, environment, and governance.

This new approach to the rural development programmes is focused more on economic activities geared towards a more sustainable development on a regional basis.


CRED is to be the premier centre of excellence offering referral services, advisory services and research- oriented study of socio-economic policies in an effort to strengthen and sustain the socio-cultural and socio- economic development of rural communities.


  • CRED provides research-based information that helps create regional prosperity through entrepreneurial and cluster-based innovation while assuring a balanced use of natural resources.
  • CRED disseminates knowledge and information to the public as well as stakeholders and makes research information and results widely available either in printed form or by means of public lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, webinars and social media.


  • CRED has diverse research affiliations, and multiple communities and government linkages related to its rural development mandate.
  • CRED establishes new partnerships, conducts multi- disciplinary research, consultancy services to promote the development of new community projects and nurtures new generations of rural researchers among students, community members and rural stakeholders.


  1. E-Usahawan collaboration with MDec
  2. U2Desa Program
  3. Program Sijil Tadbir Urus Desa UniKL – KKLW
  4. Kajian Penglibatan Bumiputra dalam Industri Homestay ( GABEM – UniKL Business School)
  5. Diploma in Rural Management & Development ( UniKL Business School)
  6. Research on System Rural Malaysia & Japan with Prof Yamashita
  7. Project on Kajian Impak Agropolitan
  8. Developing Rural Developement Policy 2020-2050 (DPLB TN50)
  9. Diploma Profesional Pembangunan Luar Bandar (DPPLB)
  10. Desa Harapan – Kg. Kinjang (Tapah), Kg. Temoyong (Langkawi) and Kg. Weng (Baling)
  11. Desa Rintis Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal

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