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University Social Responsibility (USR) Programme

Community Action & Relief Effort

It stands for University Social Responsibility which focuses on the social dimension of higher education in university-community engagement. To foster volunteerism amongst UniKL community and giving back to society through UniKL CARE programs.

Primarily from donations of UniKL community and centralized USR budgets.

Objective of UniKL CARE
To organize university-wide USR and relief programs while promoting community-based USR programs by campuses.


  • Volunteerism
  • People focus
  • Professionalism
  • Character building
  • Community
  • CSR is the voluntary actions that a corporation implements as it pursues its mission and fulfills its perceived obligations to stakeholders, including employees, communities, the environment, and society as a whole. Follow our FaceBook for latest updates.
  • Signatory CSR is a unique program that is well attended, successful and is fully organized by an organization. The program must has distinctive mark, characteristic and sound indicating identity of respective campus.
  • High-impacts CSR is initiative that builds stronger relationship between stakeholders and university, and should addressed particular issues or problems in environmental, community etc. The other criteria that can be considered: number of participants must be more than 100, collaboration with external parties must more than 2 entities and sponsorship granted should more than RM 10,000.
  • Spiritual
    Activities conducted improve spirituality & soul of the students
  • Physical
    Activities conducted involved lot of physical and contributed towards students health.
  • Intellectual
    Activities conducted improve students’ intellectual and thought.
  • Career
    Activities conducted improve students’ career development and employability
  • Emotional
    Activities conducted enable students’ awareness on their environment and have sense of alert on issues etc.
  • Social
    Activities conducted involved lot of interaction between students and community and enable good relationship between them

UniKL International CSR 2017

  • Philiphine
    UniKL MIMET – Korban Cebu Filipina (September)
  • Indonesia
    UniKL BMI – Sungai Pusu to Surabaya (November)
    UniKL Business School – Pondok Baca Makasar (August)
    UniKL RCMP – Asean Educational Excursion Bandung (October)
    UniKL MSI – Jejak Remaja Jelajah Antarabangsa Palembang (July)
    UniKL MFI – Adventure to Response the Community Riau (October)
    UniKL MESTECH – Khidmat Masyarakat Kesihatan Persekitaran Bintan (August)
  • Thailand
    UniKL MIDI – CSR International Malaysia-Hatyai Thailand (December)
    UniKL MITEC – Logistician Trip to Thailand (December)
  • Cambodia
    UniKL MIAT – Aviators Trip to Cambodia (October)
    UniKL UniKL – Korban Cambodia 7.0 (September)
    UniKL UniKL – Jejak NacI + H2SO4 ke Cambodia (Dec)


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