Fruitful Study Visit by Nigerian Government Officials

TWENTY-NINE delegates from the Public Service Institute of Nigeria were warmly greeted by Universiti Kuala Lumpur during a five-day Benchmarking and Study visit to Malaysia.

UniKL Deputy President Datuk Salmah Hayati Ghazali (University Development & Sustainability) received the delegation led by Mrs Thomas Antonia Omobola.

Members of the Nigerian delegation included officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tertiary Education Trust Fund, National Emergency Management, Federal Capital Territory Management and Environmental Health Registration Council.

Also in attendance in the welcoming ceremony are UniKL Centre for Advancement and Continuing Education (ACE) General Manager, Mr Anuar Berahim, ACE Benchmarking and Study Visit Programme Director Shalieza Razali and other department staff.

“We are committed to looking at the overall structure in the Malaysian Government Ministries and Departments here and we hope to take this knowledge back and improve the service sector in Nigeria,” said Mrs Thomas. “Off course there are opportunities for partnership and exchange programmes with UniKL.”

Speaking at a luncheon hosted by UniKL at the Chancellery, Mrs Thomas added that the objective of the visit is to interact and share the Malaysian experience.

Datuk Salmah, in her address, said UniKL is honoured to receive the delegation from Nigeria as this is the first time that ACE hosted a big group of officials from the civil service sector of an African nation for benchmarking and study visit.

“Although it is a short study visit, I hope it will be a fruitful one for all of you. I’m sure you will learn more in your sessions with us. UniKL truly appreciates this collaboration with the Public Service Institute of Nigeria and we look forward to more meaningful projects together in future,” said Datuk Salmah.

The delegation from Nigeria was divided into five groups and on Day 1 visited the Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA), FELDA Lurah Bilut in Bentong, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) Headquarters, Institute for Rural Advancement and UniKL British Malaysia Institute (in Gombak.


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