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The establishment of Integrity Unit in government agencies is in accordance with Prime Minister’s Directive (No. 1 of 2018), dated 5 October 2018, which was set out that an Integrity and Governance Unit (IGU) to be established in all GLCs and its subsidiaries in order to safeguard integrity and institutionalise good governance. In championing this cause, we took prompt action to establish Integrity and Governance Unit (IGU) in UniKL on 16 October 2019 and has become one of the private universities to have its own IGU. IGU was headed by En. Abd. Latif Bin Osman (who is a former MACC officer seconded to led MARA Integrity Unit).

With the establishment of IGU, management hope that IGU will be able to set systems and controls to combat corruption risks commitment, while conducting programmes to increase awareness on ethics and integrity activities. Hence, we hope it will bring changes for the betterment of UniKL as a whole.


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