Innovation Day Draws Creative Products

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Fazil Mahmud

ITwas Innovation Day. A platform that provides students an avenue to showcase their creativity in industrial designs and products that turned out to be a litmus test for more than 250 students of Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT) at a recent exhibition-cum-competition.

The students were divided into three sections. Each group, comprising six students, presented their ‘products’ that ranges from Eco-Friendly Laptop Cooler, Sensor Fan to Solar-Powered Rain Window Shutter at the lobby of UniKL.

Puan Mahfuzah Mohaidin, a Tekno Putra lecturer, and Puan Farahwahida Mohd, Head of Section, Tekno Putra, assessed each product presented by the students. The Innovation Day, said Puan Mahfuzah, is a moment of truth for these students.

“This is an Innovation Management subject and each student is required to think of any product which is not in the market yet. It can be any product as long as we have not seen it in the market,” she said.

“We have three groups with almost 80 students in each group. So that is about 250 or more students involved. Their products are measured by their creativity. This Innovation Day is held every semester and involves students from MIIT pursuing various degree programmes,” added Puan Mahfuzah.

She added that there was great creativity in some products designed by the students and surprised even the lecturers.

“They deserve credit for thinking out of the box and were very innovative. It was worth the effort. Personally, we are impressed by their work,” she said.

(from left).. Farra Iresya Zaiba Zuhaire, Wan Aqeera AnyshaWan Badrollah and Nur Farah Aqilla Yuri.


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