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Master in Creative Digital Media

Sarjana Media Digital Kreatif

This Master program is designed to meet the growing demand for emerging professionals with expertise in a strongly integrated manner, of Multimedia with specialization in visual communication, digital media production, web technologies, computer animation and human-computer interaction. This expertise is needed for the fast-growing field of digital media and also due to demands for creative contents. This is in-line with MDeC’s recommendation where Animation/Visual Effects and New Media Development/Film are the key new courses to be introduced within the Creative Multimedia cluster.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO1 :Compare and integrate advanced and in-depth knowledge of practice/research in the relevant fields of Creative Multimedia Technology.
  • PEO2 :Adapt to relevant issues and challenges in leading, interacting and communicating with peers and stakeholders while ensuring ethical practices.
  • PEO3 :Manage and adapt proficiently to a wide range of digital technologies and recommend the necessary numerical techniques in providing an innovative solution to the industry.
  • PEO4 :Organise resources for life-long learning and adapt skills, leveraging on innovation for entrepreneurship, towards successful academic and career advancement in the relevant industries.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • PLO1 :Integrate advanced and multi-disciplinary knowledge related to practices and issues in Creative Multimedia Technology
  • PLO2 :Create, conceive ideation and digital innovation for the advancement of knowledge in the practice areas of Creative Multimedia Technology; with maintained objectivity for new ideas.
  • PLO3 :Adapt advanced skills in practice-based, practice-led research, and research methodology; in documentation, description, appraisals, and empirical analysis of evidence and problems.
  • PLO4 :Create, construct, communicate and interact with ideas that are at the forefront of their area of specialisation.
  • PLO5 :Design and promote innovative portfolio, practice or research incorporating socio-cultural issues and industry needs through appropriate Creative Multimedia Technology approach.
  • PLO6 :Demonstrate interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills with a commitment to professional and ethical practices in delivering innovative or creative services and / or conducting exploratory research.
  • PLO7 :Proficient use of digital technology and other applied technologies and numeracy skill applications to enhance study, research, work and / or practices.
  • PLO8 :Demonstrate commitment to continuing professional development for academic and career advancement and an entrepreneurial mind set in the application of Creative Multimedia Technology.
  • Web / Creative Designer/Developer
  • Graphic/Digital Designer
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Digital contents developer
  • Film producer/script writer
  • Film production House
  • Government Officer
  • E-learning Teacher/Lecturer
Areas of Research

  • Interactive technology creativity applications
  • Interactive new media and visual communications
  • Web designer and Graphic arts and design
  • Games animator and director
  • Film animator and creative artist
  • Film making and story lining
  • Digital art/fine digital- artist with software technology media
  • Creative Production house and applications
  • Courseware designer and developer
  • Multimedia Instructional Designer
  • Creative Video artist and expertise
  • Creative Digital Photography artist and expertise
  • Creative contents
Local Student :

  • Full Fee (Full Time-Local): RM 7,520(Min 4 semesters)
  • Full Fee (Part Time-Local): RM 7,500 Min 6 semesters)

International Student :

  • Full Fee (Full Time-International): RM 10,000(min 4 semesters)

Entry Requirement

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Creative Multimedia or related fields or its equivalent with minimum CGPA of 2.75, as accepted by the HEP senate; OR
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Creative Multimedia or related fields or its equivalent with minimum CGPA of 2.50 and not meeting CGPA of 2.75, can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment; OR
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Creative Multimedia or related fields or its equivalent with CGPA between 2.00 and 2.50, can be accepted subject to a minimum of 5 years industry experience in relevant fields and rigorous internal assessment; OR
  • Other relevant equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government. AND
    Pass an interview AND submission of student’s portfolio determined by the HEP as required.
  • Candidates without a qualification in the related fields or relevant working experience must undergo appropriate prerequisite requirement determined by the HEP and meet the minimum CGPA based on (i) to (iii).
  • prerequisite requirement (requires rigorous presentation interview; verbally / physically explain detail on their work / portfolio; and research proposal)

  • Programme Standard Creative Multimedia minimum MUET band 4, CEFR (Mid B2) or equivalent to IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 550. (International students)


Quick Points


Programme Status:
Full Accreditation

Programme Code:
JPT/BPP (R/0211/7/0004) 11/29, MQA/SWA16755

Creative Multimedia Technology

Study Mode:
Part Time

Study Level:
Master (Research)

January & July

Full Time : 2 – 3 Years
Part Time : 3 – 5 Years

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