RCMP Student Nur Syifa’ Scores A First!

UniKL Royal College of Medicine Perak celebrated the achievement of Nur Syifa’ Binti Muhammad Khairin for her dedication and commitment in memorizing and reciting 30 Juzuk of the Al-Quran in the UniKL Ulul Albab programme.

The final year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student was presented with a certificate by UniKL RCMP Head of Campus Hisshamuddin Omar, and also showered with gifts from staff and lecturers of the institution in a special Al-Quran memorization commissioning ceremony to honour her on 3 November 2020.

Nur Syifa’ is the first Universiti Kuala Lumpur undergraduate to have completed 30 Juzuk of the Al-Quran (Hafazan and Talaqqi Musyafahah) in the UniKL Ulul Albab programme in developing Huffaz Professionals since 2017.

The ultimate goal of UniKL Ulul Albab is to produce the holistic Huffaz Professional. Huffaz Professional UniKL Ulul Albab programme provides a venue for those who have already memorised partly or the whole 30 juz’ of Al-Quran to maintain and continue their memorising while pursuing academic programmes of their choice.

In addition, Sijil Tahfiz Malaysia (STM) is presented as an added value for UniKL Students.

Al-Quran teacher Ustaz Muhammad Asyraf Saifuddin describes Nur Syifa’ as a dedicated student who divides her time equally between academic studies, memorisation and recitation of the Al-Quran with commitment.

“Among the factors that contributed to her success is the all-round support she received from her family, friends and staff of UniKL RCMP throughout the Ulul Albab programme. As a final year student, she has to attend lectures, perform clinical work and has obediently attended the Ulul Albab programme,” said Ustaz Muhammad Asyraf.

Nur Syifa’ had also participated in several musabaqah (recitation of the Al-Quran) competitions and received accolades for her outstanding performance. She is also actively involved in UniKL RCMP club activities.

During her high school days, Nur Syifa’ completed 30 Juzuk of the Al-Quran at Institut Quran Kuala Lumpur (IQKL).

Congratulations Nur Syafa’! UniKL and RCMP is proud of your achievement and we hope your exemplary performance serve as a model to others in the Ulul Albab programme.


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