Teaching others propelled Ilham to become the best student

The UniKL-JPU Graduation Ceremony Sotsugyou Shiki 2023 honoured Muhammad Ilham Mohd Fauzi with the Best Student award for the overall programme.


In the pursuit of academic excellence, each prodigious student has their own unique approach. 

However, Muhammad Ilham Mohd Fauzi, 21, has created an unconventional path that diverges from the norm. 

He adopted the belief that teaching others, particularly on complex subject matters, is the catalyst that propels him towards success.

Undoubtedly, it is no secret that knowledge-sharing is an efficacious technique to deepen one’s understanding of a given topic, hence, Muhammad Ilham incorporated this approach into his core formula for triumph. 

“Unlike those who may adhere to a proper timetable for their studies, I find that teaching others is the most suitable way for me to augment my knowledge and excel in my academic pursuits,” he explained.

Muhammad Ilham is fortunate to have a father, Mohd Fauzi Ismail, 52, who holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering and he has been instrumental in enlightening Muhammad Ilham on this path. 

On the other hand, his mother, Shaliza Hamzah, 52, has been a guiding light, paving the way for him to pursue a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Kuala Lumpur – Japan Universities Programme (UniKL-JUP).

“Mechanical Engineering was never my forte. Nonetheless, my father instilled in me a deep-rooted desire to seek solutions to every problem, which fueled my interest,” he expounded.

Muhammad Ilham was among the 127 distinguished first-batch graduates at the UniKL-JUP Graduation Ceremony Sotsugyou Shiki 2023, held on March 21st. During the ceremony, he was conferred with the Best Student for the overall programme. 

Although Muhammad Ilham’s academic journey at UniKL-JUP has been commendable, he acknowledges that time management has been the bane of his existence. 

“For me, the most challenging aspect was essentially myself, as I am not particularly fond of studying. Thus, I have to exert a considerable amount of focus during lectures, and I struggle with managing my time,” Muhammad Ilham said.

Muhammad Ilham Mohd Fauzi delivered his valedictory speech at the ceremony, before leaving for Japan on March 25th.

Muhammad Ilham is set to depart for Japan’s Saitama University on March 25th, where he will enrol in a two-year Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and System Design programme. 

As he prepares for this next chapter in his academic journey, he is currently focused on improving his Japanese fluency and time management skills.

“I could not have come this far without the unwavering support of my family, lecturers, friends, and of course, the university,” Muhammad Ilham humbly acknowledged.


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