UniKL Celebrates 18th Anniversary

Kuala Lumpur (25 August 2020): Universiti Kuala Lumpur celebrated its 18th Anniversary today since the 2002 founding of this private entrepreneurial university.

UniKL was officially established on 20 August 2002.

To mark this milestone, the celebration was held on a moderate scale and witnessed by Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ibrahim Saad – the first President of UniKL (2002-2005). It was also held to celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day that falls on August 31.

Present at the celebration was UniKL chairman Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr. Sukiman Sarmani, UniKL Acting President/Chief Executive Officer Prof Dr. Shahrulniza Musa, UniKL Board of Directors Dato’ Haji Rahim Abu Bakar and Dato’ Hajah Norison Ramli, Deputy Presidents, members of the top management, staff and students.

To commemorate the special occasion Prof Emeritus Datuk Sukiman, Prof Dr Shahrulniza and Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ibrahim jointly cut a Pulut Kuning (Yellow Glutinous Rice) cake.

The event was held at the Bistari Hall of the Chancellery and streamed live to all 12 UniKL campuses around the country via Facebook.

In his first full address as Acting President, Prof Dr Shahrulniza said: “This is my first full address as the Acting President of UniKL and I feel really honoured to stand in front all of you and also in front of the First President of UniKL Tan Sri Dr. Ibrahim Saad who despite his busy schedule managed to make way to be with us today.”

“There will be more engagements in the near future, where I have planned a monthly address or town hall to be hosted alternately between campuses and divisions in the Chancellery, which will be telecast live to all 12 campuses throughout Malaysia. I will use the town hall sessions to address issues that are close to all fellow UniKLians and also to share the aspiration, strategies and initiatives of UniKL in positioning itself as one of the best university in Malaysia, Asia and ultimately the World,” added Prof Dr Shahrulniza.

Elaborating further, Prof Shahrulniza said he is overwhelmed with the trust given to him to lead UniKL and fill the ‘big shoes’ left by his predecessors.

“It is my responsibilities to live up to the legacies left by them and bring UniKL to even greater heights while upholding the philosophy and spirit of UniKL. It is a big task for me but with the support from all of you and the Board of Directors led by Professor Emeritus Datuk Dr. Sukiman Sarmani, I believe we will be able to achieve all the goals and target we have set and meet the expectations and objectives set by MARA,” he said.

“Two years from now, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary and followed by the Silver Jubilee. A lot has been achieved in the past 18 years and I believe more successes will be obtained in the near future. We will always be measured by the outcome and the output we produced.

“Be proud of who we are and always keep a record of all our achievements. Don’t be shy to shout to the world of our accomplishments and always believe that anything is possible and always live to the WeAreUniKL spirit.”

It is my priority that the wellbeing and welfare of all UniKL staff and students are taken care off in order to provide for a conducive working and learning environment. As a university, our product is knowledge and people talent, staffs especially lecturers are the main drivers. Without good, talented, skilled and motivated lecturers and support services staff, a University will die.

You are the main assets of UniKL and the success of UniKL will depend so much on you. I have outlined a few initiatives which I will discuss further with my fellow management team and announcements will be made once the proposals are approved by the Board of Directors.

He stressed that with the COVID-19 pandemic far from over, UniKL will continue with the UniKL Beyond-C plan to ensure the safety and welfare of UniKL community is taken care off while at the same time ensuring the business continuity and uninterrupted academic operations at UniKL.

Meanwhile, YB Senator Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Utama Rais Yatim had earlier in the morning delivered a talk on ‘Mengisi Kegemilangan Kemerekaan” (Enchanting the Glory of Independence) to staff and students at the Chancellery.

It was the second series of talks organised by the Centre for Student Development among activities and programmes lined-up in conjunction with the upcoming National Day celebration.

Senator Tan Sri Dato’ Utama Rais spoke on the importance of preserving not only the Malay culture and tradition but also spoke in-depth on the deep meaning of the word Merdeka (independence) that is derived from the Sanskrit maharddhika which means “rich, prosperous and powerful”.

He narrated the legacies of the country’s first two Prime Ministers – Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj and Tun Abdul Razak and the development programmes that were undertaken. He added that this country has the resources to develop further and that Malaysians should move forward.


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