UniKL Language Olympiad 2020 – MIIT Emerge Champions!

UNIVERSITI Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT) emerged overall champions in the seventh edition of the UniKL Language Olympiad 2020 “Stronger Together” competition.

Organised by the Student Development Section of MIIT in collaboration with UniKL Centre for Student Development for the second time since its introduction in 2014, the competition also witnessed the MeSRA Special Award presented to UniKL Malaysian Institute of Industrial Technology (UniKL MITEC) for featuring this prominently in its ‘We Care’ video presentation.

UniKL Language Olympiad 2020 themed “Stronger Together” involved the participation of students from all 12 UniKL campuses with the objective of fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness as UniKLians.

The programme started in October 2020 with 134 participants contesting in seven categories namely Marilah Bercerita (A story telling by international students in the Bahasa Malaysia language), Sharing is Caring (A short public service video announcement on the Covid-19 pandemic); Music of My Heart (Singing in foreign languages); UniKL Got Talent (Demonstrative speech presentation);Through The Lens (Essay writing for bachelor programme students); To the Future Me (an essay competition for diploma programme students) and We Care (Public service poster design competition).

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) announced by the government, the event was held online via Microsoft Teams and Facebook.

UniKL Acting President and Chief Executive Officer Prof Dr Shahrulniza Musa, in his address during the closing ceremony of UniKL Language Olympiad 2020 “Stronger Together” competition on 4th August, said he is awed by the commitment shown by students despite the programme being held via virtual for the first time and the challengers faced by the pandemic.

“I remember attending the first Language Olympiad in 2014. It was then called Language Olympics. I’m sure this time around it is a total different experience not just for the organising committee but also to participants and viewers who are now watching on platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Facebook.” He said.

“Other than physical presence of participants back then there was also a colourful cultural exhibition held at the lobby with the involvement of international students from Austria, France, Pakistan, South Korea and many more. This year we are still able to organise the Olympiad by adopting to the new norms for the safety of everyone. It allows us to be more creative and venture into new ways of doing things,” he said.

He added that the current challenges should not stop UniKL from further organising programmes and activities for students but instead adjust the way some programmes are conducted with the exception to those that involved physical sports and recreational activities which are on permitted by the government.

“The theme ‘Stronger Together’ has been the underlying principal for UniKL Beyond-C. A special mitigation plan by UniKL to address the challenges caused by Covid-19 pandemic was in place with the first announcement made on 31 March 2020. To date

we have made 9 announcements with the objective of ensuring the safety and welfare of staff and students. And to ensure students will be able to meet all the necessary requirement to successfully complete their respective courses as per the academic calendar. We have been able to carry out all the plans and will continue to preserve these challenges together,” he stressed.

Prof Dr Shahrilniza also shared an excerpt from philosopher and historian Yuval Noah Harari’s book entitled ‘A Future of Humanity – 21 lessons for the 21th Century” in which the renowned writer said the best practice fostered by our education system is one that does not only prioritize utilisation of academic learning but rather the 4Cs’ namely Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

One of the many challenges faced by institutions of higher learning in Malaysia and around the world during this pandemic crisis, he observed, concerns enrolment of students. While these institutions are lamenting their intake problems in securing new students, the UniKL community (students, lecturers and staff) have joined forces to promote academic programmes via technology, in particular, through various social media platforms.

“We initiated promotional programmes such as ‘Meet Us Real Time’ to reach out to thousands of students followed by Forum Santai and E-Wow that took place digitally. We have set a benchmark for other universities and even government agencies,” said Prof Dr Shahrulniza. This, he acknowledged, was made possible through the WeAreUniKL spirit embedded amongst our community.

He was delighted to announce that UniKL marked another milestone in Times Higher Education (THE) World Subject Rankings this year – ranked in its specialised subject areas, namely, 501–600 in Business and Economics, 801+ in Computer Science and 801–1000 in Engineering. UniKL are now categorised as Malaysian top six university in Business and Economics and top 10 in Computer Science and Engineering respectively.

Earlier in September 2020, for the first time, UniKL made to the list of the 2021 THE World University Rankings at 1000+ and in the Top 10 among Malaysian universities.

“Congratulations to all involved in making this aspiration become a reality. This shows that the achievements of our short and long-term initiatives that we took in this five-year period since 2016 received global recognition,” said Prof. Dr. Shahrulniza.

“The pandemic was not just a challenge but it has proven that when we put out mind together anything is possible. I believe UniKL Language Olympiad will create unity and a sense of belonging among students and staff of this university especially in the new way of living,” said Prof Dr Shahrulniza.

Nor Izzatul Elanie Mustafah, President of Language Club UniKL, echoed that although the event was held online, she believes this competition has achieved its objective in building student confidence speaking in public; to develop student creativity in using the language and technology; promote student intellectual development; to unearth the hidden talent among students; enhance student communication skills and to establish a healthy competition amongst students.

“It does not matter if our 2020 calendar comprises of only the months of January and February as we have been in MCO from March until December due to pandemic. UniKL students are nevertheless able to rise to the challengers,” said Nor Izzatul.

UniKL Royal College of Medicine Perak will host the 2021 edition of the UniKL Language Olympiad


    First: Abdul Wahab Usman Ullah (UniKL BMI); Story: Kisah Pokok Epal
    Second: Yusuf Ayumu Pratama (UniKL MITEC); Story: Sang Kancil Yang Cerdik
    Third: Usman Ullah Obaid Ullah (MIIT); Story: Si Tanggang Anak Derhaka
  • CATEG0RY 2 – SHARING IS CARING (Topic: PSA Covid-19)
    First: UniKL MITEC: Karmilia Nadia Wasir Halim, Nur Qaisarah Johari, Noor Iffah Haziqah Khayarani, Mohd Aqif Amri and Henrich Brad Anak Harrie.
    Second: UniKL RCMP: Nur Sakeena Wafeeqa Norlizat, Sheikh Muhammad ‘Arieq Huwaidi Sh. Abdul Razak, Mohammad Adham Mohammad Halimi, Nur Fitriah Kamelia Mohd Sharif and Nur Kamaliah Ubaidillah.
    Third: UniKL MESTECH: Muhammad Darwisy Abdul Jalil, Nurul Akmal Ahmad Shamsuri, Abdul Majid Musa, Muhammad Redwan Safie and Nur Aliah Sofea Mohd Asri.
    First: Nur Syiffa Jan Farouk Khan/Nur Ain Balqis Mohd Ali Sabri (UniKL MIIT).
    Second: Muhammad Naim Shuhaimi/Muhammad Iman Naqiuddin Zulkefley (UniKL MFI);
    Third: Zarith Sofia Abdil Rahim/Nurafrina Yasmin Amran (UniKL BIS).
    First: Sharifah Aida Izzati Syed Hood (UniKL RCMP); Song Title: Cheng II De Yuanguang (Moonlight in the City);
    Second: Nuraqilah Azra’I (UniKL MICET); Song Title: Deen as Salam;
    Third: Nurin Atiqah Norazlan (UniKL MFI: Song Title: Le Festin (The song of my heart)
    First: Muhammad Azim Shah Muhammad (UniKL BIS);
    Second: Auni Afiqah Zakaria (UniKL MIIT);
    Third: Aqil Harith Zahari (UniKL RCMP).
    First: Nurfarhana Izyan Nordin (UniKL BMI);
    Second: Nur Ain Batrisyia Haris (UniKL MIIT);
    Third: Alia Sabrina Sabri (UniKL MIIT).
    First: Hafizzudin Hariza (UniKL BMI);
    Second: Norman Iskandar Zulastri Iskandar (UniKL MIMET);
    Third: Muhammad Hafizul Md Husin (UniKL MFI).


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