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YAYASAN UNIKL is pleased to unveil the first series of its EcoLOVE which comprises three essential personal MCO kits  – Clean&Green Soap, Takex Clean Sanitiser, and RealBatik Mask. All profits will be channelled to our scholarship programmes which provide access to tertiary education for deserving needy students. Share because We Care, order at least a set for your loved ones.

Another Quality BUMI Product | Designed for you by Yayasan UniKL



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We would like to announce that the EcoLOVE package is available now. Fill in the e-form to purchase. Stay Safe … Stay Clean & Hygiene. 


  • SET 1 : EcoWOW Kits : 5 Items only for RM 60.00 
      (UniKL Staff & Student Only)
    – 2 Washable WARISAN KITA Facial Mask
    3 bottles of TAKEX CLEAN Sanitizer
      (50 ml in Spray On Safety Cap Bottle)
  • SET 2 : EcoTWIN Kits : RM 29.90
    – 2 bottles of TAKEX CLEAN Sanitizer
      (50 ml in Spray On Safety Cap Bottle)
  • SET 3 : EcoEXCLUSIVE Kits : RM 45.00 (Personal Pack)
    – 1 Washable WARISAN KITA Facial Mask
    – 2 bottles of TAKEX CLEAN Sanitizer
      (50 ml in Spray On Safety Cap Bottle)
  • SET 4 : EcoPREMIUM BUTTERFLY Kits: RM 99.00 (Complete Gift)
    – 2 Washable WARISAN KITA Facial Mask
    – 2 bottle of TAKEX CLEAN Sanitizer
       (50 ml in Spray On Safety Cap Bottle)
    – 1 bar of CLEAN&GREEN Soap
       (Butterfly Pea Flower / Bunga Telang)


  1. Order Form – Fill in the request details in the order form below
  2. Tick the options Number of Set and Date Delivery Table (8.00 AM – 6.30 PM)
  3. Select the Delivery Spot that suits you. We only cover area Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
    Delivery Charges not included (to be paid by customers).
  4. Choose your Mode of Payment :
    IF CHEQUE: For any organisation wants to pay using cheque do contact us for consultation. 
    Submit your Cheque named: YAYASAN UNIKL (Bank Islam: 141 530 1004 5940).
    Kindly email us successful payment at yayasan@unikl.edu.my. A receipt will be sent to your email.

    IF ONLINE BANKING (Bank Transfer): Submit your payment to Yayasan UniKL account (Bank Islam: 141 530 1004 5940) with reference: EcoLOVE. Kindly email us successful payment notification at yayasan@unikl.edu.my. A receipt will be sent to your email.
  5. Customise Massageif you have a special or additional request do jot down at blank column Special Delivery Message and Remarks section in the order form.
    Special Delivery Message (to the receiver) : Write down any message to your receiver  (If any or just leave it blank)
    Remarks (to the supplier) : Write down any special request you might need us to take a note or assist you (If any or just leave it blank)
  6. Click SUBMIT once you have done.
  7. Additional Input
    Last order –  No LAST ORDER as we are open thru out of the year
    Account Details – Account Name: YAYASAN UNIKL | Bank Islam: 14153010045940 | Reference: EcoLOVE.
    Contact – Please email us at yayasan@unikl.edu.my. WhatsApp us at +6012 792 2905  if you need assistance. 
    Delivery Details  – Delivery charges below than 5 KM radius is RM5.00 (minimum charges) and add on RM 1 for every per KM. The charges will start at you pick up point (from KG BATU 10, 43200 CHERAS to your destination). If the area logistic cannot be reached at the moment (MCO), we will notify you via what’s for further options action as below. Please advise us which options to take. :
    • on hold until new dates
    • divert to available destination
    • cancel the order and we will refund the money.


Scope of Activities :

TAKEX CLEAN Sanitizer – Moso Bamboo
The World’s First food-grade Halal ethanol sanitizer for the food industry. TAKEX CLEAN, the World’s First food-grade SANIZER for the food industry, certified by JAKIM, can protect Food-Safety and people’s health.  ANYWHERE ANY TIME – You can use TAKEX CLEAN casually anywhere because it is safe and human friendly comes from “food grade”. To realize the pleasure of the Earth, the pleasure of society, the pleasure of people, it is the wish of us at TAKEX. An ethanol-based disinfecting agent containing extracts obtained from Moso Bamboo sheaths (Kumamoto Production).

TAKEX CLEAN exhibits the high disinfecting performance characteristic of a TAKEX product, which is superior to the normal disinfecting agents. The product has been proven to be effective in the actual setting, with 99.9% disinfection of viable cells and effect on E. coli and yeast, including the inactivation of E. coli and S. aureus in about 1 minute.

5 Benefits Of Moso Bamboo

  • 1.Wide range of antibacterial activity : Can eliminate and remove fungus even from virus to saprophytic bacteria.
  • 2.Effective even at wet places : Perform well even it is dilute with water.
  • 3.High durability : Still effective even it is evaporated.
  • 4.High safety level brings and human friendly : All the contents are officially approved as food additives.
  • 5.High deodorizing performance : Quick dissolution and deodorization of bad smelling.


  • 1.Antibacterial effect : inhibit bacterial growth
    [active ingredient] 2,6-Dimethoxyphenol, 1.4-benzoquinone, p‐Benzoquinone, tannin
  • 2.Deodorant performance : resolve the origin of the bad-smelling.
    [active ingredient] phenol, flavonoid
  • 3.Antioxidative effect : prevent oxidation
    [active ingredient] furofuran lignin, polyphenol
  • 4.Others
    [active ingredient] chlorophyll, beta-carotene, xanthophyll, violaxanthin

For the HEART of eco-system & society

50 ml in Spray On Safety Cap Bottle

For the healthy BODY skin

Butterfly Pea Flower 

CLEAN & GREEN Soap – Butterfly Pea plant
What makes Blue Butterfly Balm different from other skin soothing salves?

Blue Butterfly (derived from the Butterfly Pea plant) has been used in Asian medicine for hundreds of years and is well-known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties. In addition to fighting off free-radicals and neutralizing the damaging effects of UV exposure and pollution,

Blue Butterfly’s Pea Flower benefits also include:

  • 1.Improves the skin’s barrier function, keeping moisture in and irritants out
  • 2.Is anti-inflammatory and visibly reduces redness and irritation
  • 3.Is anti-microbial and wards against infection
  • 4.Contains anthocyanins, which reduce MMP production
    (MMPs are enzymes that break down collagen)

The use of Blue Butterfly Pea flower for skincare is Ideal for All Skin Types, Ages and Seasons.  This exotic ingredient has countless benefits for skin, no matter what type of skin or climate you live. Deep and enduring hydration. 

REAL BATIK Mask – crafted by the real PEOPLE
Play yourself a role in contributing to the full cycle of Social Entrepreneurial eco-system. 

Engaging LOVE to our heart and soul with the touch of our Batik heritage hand made by the Real People 

For the peaceful MIND & SOUL

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