APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) is a systematic process which involves the IDENTIFICATION, DOCUMENTATION, and ASSESSMENT of prior experience related to a study programme.

The APEL process involves the assessment of prior experience which are related to a study programme achieved through learning and training; life & work experiences; community services and hobbies acquired through formal, non-formal, and informal means.

The Benefit of APEL (A)

  1. Provide recognition for learning acquired from non-formal and informal sources
  2. Reduce the duplication of learning
  3. Encourage the participation of adults in higher education by recognizing their prior experiential learning
  4. Reduce time and cost for completing a study programme
  5. Increase access and widen participation for non-conventional learners
  6. Increase mobility and employability

Any Malaysian citizen who wants to further their studies using their prior experiences…


What is APEL C?

What is APEL(C) for credit awards?
Award of credits for the prior experiences towards a course in an accredited programme.

It provides the mechanism to recognise the individual’s prior related experiences which are relevant and specific to a course within a programme of study.

The Benefit of APEL C

  1. Encourages Individual Learning System and participation of adults by recognising their prior experiences through Credit Award.
  2. Boost self-confidence and increase the motivation to pursue continuous learning.
  3. Provide access and recognition to Higher Qualification which are relevant and specific to a course within a programme of study.
  4. Recognises knowledge acquired through Non-Formal and Informal sources.
  5. Potentially reduce time, cost, and duplication of learning.
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