Research Themes

The university research is focused on six research themes that align with the strength of the university to meet the multidisciplinary nature of research that aims to solve global issues within a local context.

Each theme is led by a research principal – a senior academic who works to consolidate our existing strengths, while seeking opportunities for collaboration across specialisms.

1. Digital Technology
Digital technologies have become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives with the coming of the 4th industrial revolution that it brings a set of challenges to be discovered and solved. Our research addresses all different forms and aspects of technology from advanced communication, Internet of Things and many others.

2. Sustainable Engineering Technology
Sustainable Engineering Technology looks into every aspect of sustainability. The diverse but interrelated research groups cover process design, innovative manufacturing, life cycle sustainability assessment and optimisation, clean and clean- up technologies and sustainable use of resources such as water, energy and biomass.

3. Consumer, Health and Wellness
Our research group and activities are multidisciplinary. This approach is built on our strength in technology, life sciences, chemistry and social sciences to work together to discover, refine and apply new interventions to improve health and wellbeing.

4. Advance Material, Manufacturing & Robotic
In advance Material, our research group works to explore the processing of materials and their properties used across a range of applications. Whereas, in Manufacturing and Robotic, we work into developing new manufacturing techniques including working on additive manufacturing, fabrication of functional surfaces, machine automation and robotic.

5. Logistic, Transportation, Aerospace & Avionic
The research undertaken by the university cover all modes and technology related to the industry. We strive to provide technological solution, police and management issue which contribute the nation.

6. Business, Management & HTVET
Islamic Finance & Entrepreneurship

7. Society and Policy
Rural Economic Development

Research Group
UniKL has a unique profile of international research with several top rated areas. Our research activity is focused on developing new technologies and products to support our techno-entrepreneurship ventures with our researchers, graduates and industrial partners.

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