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At UniKL, we place a higher value on the human side of education. Thus, in our pursuit to provide an enriching university experience for the students, we have developed a balanced and hybrid educational framework creating bold, independent, creative thinkers.

The symbiotic and dynamic relationship between academia and industry adds value to our integrated application-oriented curriculum. It provides a fertile ground to produce self-reliant, creative and innovative graduates who are able to contribute to and reap the benefits of an innovation-driven high-income nation.


Foundation Admissions

UniKL’s foundation programmes aims to prepare the student to succeed in a competitive university environment. With a solid engineering base with a carefully designed curriculum, student are exposed to a hands-on mode of training which will enable them to acquire good understanding of the aesthetic, analytical and manufacturing skills, all essential attributes to be successful in the science, engineering and technology field.

Undergraduate Admissions

The future requires not only technically-competent workforce but also self-reliant, innovative and enterprising talent. Learn more about our Undergraduate programmes here.

Postgraduate Admissions

Our Postgraduate Studies programmes aims to train graduates to be global enterprising researchers who are knowledgeable, skilled and entrepreneurial oriented. The Masters’ and PhD programmers are based on full time and part time coursework and research study where we deliver enhanced and quality postgraduate programmes and experience with Affordable Fees, Innovative Learning & Teaching, Environment, Industry Relevant Curriculum & Student Talent Enhancement.

APEL Admissions

APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) is a systematic process which involves the IDENTIFICATION, DOCUMENTATION, and ASSESSMENT of prior experiential learning. APEL process involves assessment of experiential learning which can be achieved through learning & training; life & work experiences, community services, hobbies acquired formal, non-formal, and in-formal.

UniKL Ulul Albab / Huffaz

This programme is a platform to provide an integrated and balanced system of learning that caters the spiritual, moral, intellectual and ethical values of Islam.
The ultimate goal is to produce holistic Engineer; Technologist Huffaz/Muslim professional/entrepreneurs
2 programs offered as an added value for UniKL Students : Sijil Tahfiz Malaysia ; Pensijilan Tahfiz Al Quran.

Customise Courses (Short Courses and Professionals)

We offers various short courses and can also be customized to meet your specific technical training needs (with the minimum of 10 participants).

Flexible Courses (FlexiLearn)

UniKL now offers the ‘FlexiLearn Mode’ Degree and Master Programmes which are designed to deliver an enriching education experience but with the flexibility to cater to the busy lifestyle of a working adult.

International Students

For international applicants, come and join our vibrant and exciting campus community consisting of people from a wide range of background and culture which adds to a stimulating learning environment. With first class education experience fuelled by practical hands-on approach and enhanced by entrepreneurship values, we prepare our students for the demands of the future.

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