Technology Transfer & Commercialisation

The management of matters pertaining to intellectual property is managed and coordinated by this division in accordance with the policies as stipulated in the UniKL Intellectual Property document. Much of our research is undertaken in collaboration with various industries and professionals, which ensures its relevance of application to the real world. Research activities cross all schools and departments and break traditional boundaries while maintaining an excellent reputation in being responsive to the needs of the business and the community. These pages provide a gateway to the research activities here at UniKL. We hope you find them useful, be it as a potential research funder, partner, or staff.

The major responsibilities of this division are as listed below:

1. Intellectual property protection
2. Patents
3. Material transfer agreements
4. Manage and coordinate all research-based exhibitions and participations – NRIC, ITEX etc.
5. Commercialization of research findings
6. Strategic industry-related researches
7. Manage IP sharing agreements on inter-institutional joint research and postgraduate supervision

Research Development & Commercialisation Model
Research initiation can be based on a group or individual effort led by a Project Leader. Project Leaders play a very active role in facilitating research projects i.e. searching for research funds, setting up team members, placing intellectual rights, consultation and commercialisation. The Centre of Research and Innovation (CoRI) is responsible to support Project Leaders in carrying out research works effectively. In summary, to ensure the realization of this idea, project leaders are strongly encouraged to adopt the Research Model as depicted in the following diagram.

Commercialisation Links
Links between the university and industries are substantially important for the collaboration and commercialisation of research and its products. The university requires support from the industry in the form of funds and technology while industries reap innovations created by the university. The common interest between the university and industries is the commercialisation of new and useful technologies. The university is aware of the stiff competition among institutions of higher learning (IHLs) in getting industrial support and taking up the research products. Therefore, a combined effort among UniKL’s academic members is essential in completing the research cycle.

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