A journey to ‘Dr.’

For Nur Adlina Sofia Mohd Rashid, a young girl from Kuala Terengganu, the journey to becoming a doctor began in a high school biology class.

It was during these classes, where she learned about the intricate anatomy of the eyes and ears, that her passion for medicine was ignited.

What set Nur Adlina Sofia apart was not just her passion but her exceptional academic prowess.

She demonstrated her commitment to her dream by excelling in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with a remarkable achievement of 11As, showcasing her dedication to her chosen path.

Reflecting on her journey, Nur Adlina Sofia fondly remembered her father’s repeated inquiries, “Do you want to be a doctor? It is a tough and long journey.”

Undeterred, she responded, “I am sure that I want to be a doctor,” and with the unwavering support of her parents, she embarked on this challenging journey.

Her determination and perseverance led her to enrol in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak (UniKL RCMP), a decision that eventually earned her the prestigious title of ‘Dr.’

Recently, on September 1st, Nur Adlina Sofia was among 132 MBBS graduates who took the solemn oath, marking the culmination of her five-year journey.

Nur Adlina Sofia’s achievements did not stop at the title; she was also honoured with the Dean’s Award.

This accolade is bestowed upon students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in both academic and co-curricular activities within the MBBS UniKL September 2018 Cohort.

“I did not expect it because my friends are all brilliant. They are all smart,” Nur Adlina Sofia humbly remarked, reflecting on the recognition.

She acknowledged that the hard work she had dedicated over these five years had undoubtedly paid off.

Looking ahead, Nur Adlina Sofia is eager to begin her Housemanship training at Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital, Kuala Terengganu.

She envisions gaining practical experience, deepening her understanding of diseases, and building a rapport with patients during this critical phase of her medical journey.

Her long-term goals include taking the MRCP exam and pursuing a master’s programme after gaining valuable experience in a general hospital setting.

Nur Adlina Sofia’s ambition and dedication to her medical career are evident, as she aspires to make a significant impact in the field of medicine.

The oath-taking ceremony that marked this milestone was graced by the presence of notable figures, including the Acting President and Chief Executive Officer of UniKL, Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Azman Senin; Chief Executive Officer and Head of Campus at UniKL RCMP, Hisshamuddin Omar; and Dean of Faculty of Medicine at UniKL RCMP, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syed Rahim Syed Hamid.


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