CWET contributes insights in China college’s Visiting Lecturer Programme

The Centre for Water Engineering Technology (CWET) has garnered recognition for its excellence in water engineering technical education, leading to an invitation from the Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering (GPWE) to participate in its Visiting Lecturer Programme.

Dr. Ahmad Shakir Mohd Saudi, an expert from CWET involved in the programme, emphasised that this collaboration offers a unique opportunity to fortify the centre’s networks and partnerships.

“By sharing current projects with GPWE, will lay the foundation for future research collaborations in the field of water engineering.

“CWET academic members are renowned experts in water engineering with a wealth of experience in both academia and practical applications,” he said.

Expressing gratitude, he acknowledged the instrumental roles played by the International Transnational Education Association (ITEA) and the International Cultural Communication Centre Malaysia (ICCCM) in facilitating the realisation of their participation in the programme.

The event, which took place from November 8th to 11th, saw Dr. Ahmad Shakir and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Engku Ahmad Azrulhisham Engku Mohamed, Head of Section at CWET, shared their profound insights on hydrokinetic technology and flood risk assessment.

Their combined experience spans an impressive 23 years, contributing significantly to the knowledge exchange during the programme.

The establishment of new networks and partnerships with international experts through the GPWE Visiting Lecturer Programme presents CWET with promising opportunities for collaborative research.

These collaborations may yield valuable outcomes such as research grants, academic publications, and joint patents.

It is noteworthy that GPWE, established in 1952, stands as the sole public full-time higher vocational college in Guangdong province specialising in water conservancy and electricity.


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