Tengku Arifah strikes bronze at ITF World Games in Seoul

23-year-old Tengku Arifah Syathirah Tengku Mohammad Ariff, a student from Universiti Kuala Lumpur Business School (UBIS), made Malaysia proud by clinching a coveted bronze medal at the ITF Sports Taekwon-Do 1st World Games in Seoul, Korea.

Representing her homeland alongside a team from the Malaysian Global Taekwondo Federation (MGTF), Tengku Arifah Syathirah’s remarkable achievement was nothing short of extraordinary.

Her triumph was no small feat. She secured two bronze medals in individual events, Pattern 2nd Degree and Individual Free Sparring, in the 18-35-year-old Micro category.

She found herself speechless after her first-round victory, questioning the reality of the moment.

“After countless struggles, efforts, injuries, blood, and tears, and the hard work I put in throughout the entire year, everything finally paid off,” she shared.

“This unexpected journey, filled with changes and remarkable experiences, has completely altered my perspective on winning.”

This was not the first time Tengku Arifah Syathirah had represented Malaysia.

She had previously participated in world championships under the MGTF, personally led by the federation’s President, Grandmaster Dato’ Ts. Amir Md Noor. However, this time, her achievements had reached new heights.

Tengku Arifah Syathirah’s journey in Taekwondo began at the tender age of 6, instilling in her not only incredible physical prowess but also valuable life skills.

She believes that Taekwondo has taught her to be a meticulous planner.

“I could have the best coach in the world, but without a good plan, I may not be able to understand the game and plan my own strategies for winning,” she remarked.

Her path to success was demanding as she meticulously planned her schedule at least a month in advance, outlining which tournaments to participate in and scheduling each day down to the smallest detail.

The challenges were formidable, from finding consistent training locations to dealing with the mental strain that comes with the territory.

Her next tournament is just around the corner, scheduled to occur in Sarawak this month.

She has her sights set on even bigger goals, including the ITF European Championship 2024 in Wales and the ITF World Championship in Poland.

“It has always been my dream to represent Malaysia and achieve victory on the world stage of Taekwondo. Standing on the podium as a gold medalist will forever be my goal,” she further noted.


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