International Student Exchange Mobility Outbound (ISEM – Outbound)

ISEM is a practice of a registered student of UniKL, is attached at a partner university abroad in a period of time not longer than 1 year. In this case, UniKL is termed as Home University and the partner university is the Host University.

In terms of duration, ISEM may be performed in the following mode:

  • Shor-term mobility program, with a minimum duration of 1 week, which is defined as 5 activities days and maximum duration of 3 months (90 days).
  • Full-Semester mobility program, with a minimum duration of 3 months (short semester) and maximum of 2 full semesters consecutively.

Financial Initiatives on Mobility Programs
2. Erasmus Mundus
3. Erasmus+
4. Partner university funding : Fee waiver & accommodation


“This programme gives me a lot of new learning process and new experience to survive in the foreign culture and environment. While this programme ongoing, I have slowly gained my confidence level to speak in English with the other people.”

Mohamad Afiq Mohammad Bin Jatarona

Bc. of Maritime Operation, UniKL MIMET | Cardiff University, UK

“On my first day in Trento, I was amazed by the city. Trento is a beautiful city with a lot of historical buildings, well-planned and surrounded by mountains. The campus is a building with modern design. The students were nice and greeted us with smiles. In a short time, we felt comfortable to be around the campus.”

Nuraini Yusoff

Bc. of Engineering Technology (Hons) in Mechatronics (Automotive), UniKL MSI | University of Trento, Italy

Honestly speaking the lecturers in Cardiff University is very helpful and friendly. Even we are Muslim and wearing hijab, they still respect us. If we have a problem in terms of the subject and coursework, there are able to spend their time to discuss with us, but the lecturer more prefers to make the appointment first.”

Noor Irdiana Binti Ngadiman

Bachelor of Industrial Logistic | Cardiff University, UK

“I managed to expand my general knowledge and sense by mixing with all the international people. Gained good confidence level, good communication skills, improving my English, able to speak a simple Italian and learn the culture here, sharing and learning a lot of knowledge regarding religious with the Muslim society here, learning how to keep our principle when dealing with non-Muslim people without hurting their feelings, learned how to be friendly with all the people of difference races from all over the world, learn how to understand a difference system in other country as quick as possible, improve my common sense and the best word to describe it, is I am a lot better than I was before.”

Mohd Fazri Bin Shaari

Bc. of Engineering Technology (Hons) in Mechanical (Automotive) | University of Trento, Italy

“I managed to broaden my perspective, particularly when mingling with foreigners. This is because their thinking is out of box and they are also quite transparent regarding any sensitive issues.”

Nursyuhada Binti Razali

Bachelor in Maritime Operation | Uni. of Strathclyde, UK

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